Documentary about the project, 16 min.17, 2018

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City Study for Sapporo, Japan
City Study – Exploring the shape of Sapporo 2018

Sapporo Community Plaza, a cultural complex consisting of an art exchange center, a theater, and a library. Three works, “Shape of Sapporo”, a three-dimensional work “City Study for Sapporo”, and “Illustrated Book of Sapporo’s Shape” were permanently installed in the two atrium spaces.

“Shape of Sapporo”, which outlines the border between the city and nature/waterfront, scattered green areas, parks and so on, was adopted from aerial photographs of the Sapporo area. “Illustrated Book of Sapporo’s Shape” comprises of 51 parts that were divided according to the flow of rivers through the city and arranged on the wall. “City Study for Sapporo” is a sculpture made from combing and folding these parts. The three works are made in a way that allows viewers to walk around them and play puzzles in their mind.
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Photo by Tsubasa Fujikura

City Study for Sapporo

620 x 700 x 580 cm
Carbon, Stainless steel

Shape of Sapporo

560 x 500 cm
Carbon, Stainless steel

Illustrated Book of Sapporo’s Shape

3000 x 500 cm