City Study

Each city has its own shape as well as history.

The motives of the sculpture are created through tracing the aerial view of each city.By analyzing the city map, I outline the coastlines of the bay, rivers, waterfront, green tract and the city blocks, to cut the shapes out of the surroundings.

When the viewers will observe the sculpture deeper, they will notice that its motives are taken from outlines of the city. This recognition will be anchored to their own memory or knowledge connected to the city and will expand the impression of city where they spent or will spend time. At the same time, resident citizens could be refreshed by this reinterpreted vision of their own city. Thus both viewers and residents will fully realize that they are standing within the actual city.

tracing view of London
the outline of the city
upper part made by PVC
Rotterdam, NL
Sapporo, Japan
Apeldoorn, NL
Mine, Japan
Taipei, Taiwan, #4
Taipei, Taiwan, #2
Taipei, Taiwan, #1
Mumbai, India, #1
Mumbai, India, #2
London, #2
London, #1
Copenhagen, #2
Copenhagen, #1
Ube, Japan
Seto Inland Sea, Japan
Muenster, Germany
Hecomi Combining
In this series, several hecomifs shape were arranged on a horizontal axis to accomplish one single and complex sculpture.
Hecomi Study for CJIB
Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau
Leeuwarden, the Netherlnads
Hecomi Study for Puerto Madero
Buenos Aires, Argentine
Hecomi Transforming

This sculpture changed its appearance of every installations through the playful function of attached hinges.

Hecomi Study for Brunnenstr.10 #3
Berlin, Germany
2008 - 2012
Hecomi Growing
- Fixed Point Observation-

It is about a story of the Hecomi on the pavement of a cycle path caused by a growing tree roots.The development of this Hecomi was followed every 4 months during 2 years. The shape was traced during various stages. This way, a series of eight free-hanging sculptures of increasing size and complexity thus created. The outer parts are always folded inward, lending the works a hermetic feel.

Hecomi Study for Melkkoppad
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2008 - 2012
Hecomi Study for the remains

In co-operation with the Archaeological Department of the city of Rotterdam (so called BOOR), I was invited to descend into the site, some ten meters below sea-level. With the archaeologists I observed the remains of Rotterdamfs earliest urban settlement Rotta, a disintegrated wall of woven willow twigs belonging to a 10th century (farm)house. This silhouette inspired me to create a sculpture.

This abstract sculpture became an icon that symbolises 1.000 years of history, expressing Rotterdamfs origins. The public of Rotterdam will come into a direct relationship with Rotterdamfs remote past.

Hecomi Study for Museum Rotterdam
the Netherlands
Shape from 10th century
2010 - 2012
Hecomi Varying
- variations from a Hecomi -
Through giving a different cut and folding, Hecomi shapes show us wide range of variability and opportunity of the form.
Hecomi Study for Hotel Russ 4th floor
Altelrivskava street 1, St. Petersburg, Russia
2003 -
# 1 - # 45
Hecomi Study for Sant Pere 56
Barcelona, Spain
2010 -
# 1 - # 06
Hecomi Study for Kotoni River, W20 N12
Sapporo, Japan
2014 -
# 1 - # 08
Hecomi Study for Basedowstrasse
Hamburg, Germany
2013 -
# 1 - # 07
Hecomi Study for Carrer Del Concell De Cent
Barcelona, Spain
2010 -
# 1 - # 04
Hecomi Study for Palmaille 58
Hamburg, Germany
2013 -
# 1 - # 04
Hecomi Casting
These were an attempt to take out forms of Hecomi in three dimension, not tracing the outline of them.
- Cooperation with Miet AIR, the Netherlands-
Beers, the Netherlands
Thanks to the White Ants
Miet Air, Grensweg6, Beers, the Netherlands