Hecomi Combining
Hecomi Study for CJIB
Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau / Ministry of Justice in Leeuwarden
Leeuwarden, the Netherlnads
2012, Aluminum, 930 x 660 x 645 cm
Architect: Felix claus

Guided by the notions around econnectionf as a keyword for research, I discovered and collected different Hecomi from the city of Leeuwarden. After the research period and deeper-going discursive meetings, I decided to gather shapes connected to the actual history of CJIB. This office had been relocated ten times since the establishment in Utrecht in 1990.

With their cooperation, I visited former locations and collected shapes from each building. The Hecomi shapes in foldable format were arranged on a horizontal axis following the chronological order of the institutions of the CJIB, to accomplish one single and complex sculpture. In doing so, the layered history, which becomes the origin of the present CJIB, gets visualized.

1990 -
1: 1991 -
2: 1994 -
3: 1997 -
4: 1998 -
5: 1998 -
6: 1999 -
7: 1999 -
8: 2002 -
9: 2002 -
Oostergoweg 2
park 6, Utrecht
Zaailand 102
Nieuweweg 1a
Badweg 4
Badweg 4a
Heliconweg 60
View from the first floor